Erin's Disclaimer About Legal Stuff

Even if it is unpleasant to have to put this stuff up here, I felt it deserved a nice background for you to see. :-) But now, for the serious legal stuff.

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And now a note about these lovely backgrounds. Please do not steal any images from my site. They are either my personal photographs, or they are graphics belonging to someone else. If you like one of the backgrounds on my site, just follow the link at the bottom of the page and download the set yourself. (Do not steal bandwidth, from me or anyone else!) Who knows? You may find something you like better! Someone worked very hard to create those images, and let me use them in return for nothing but a link. So, please don't take them without giving proper credit and notification to the person who made them. To learn more, try some of these:

All material is by Erin Warren Gaston, unless otherwise noted.